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Royale Care, Inc. makes home care programs available to you at home. These are programs that can address your physical health issues and mobility impairments. We are certified by the state to deliver physical therapy right into your homes.

Our physical therapy services involve activities in stiff joints treatment, arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, finger pain of limb stiffness, muscle spasms or strains, pain management, back or spinal injuries, cervical injuries, balance development, and coordination, motion range exercise, orthopedics, pediatrics, post-surgery care, sports injuries, basic learning skills re-education, work-related injuries, and strength and mobility improvement.

When you need assistance concerning physical therapy, count on Royale Care, Inc.! Our team of physical therapists is licensed and certified in the areas that we cover.

At Royale Care, Inc., you can have a consultation with our expert PTs when you visit our office or when you arrange for an appointment. Please call 508-926-8848.